Mercer County soils were derived from glacial activity. The soil types are grouped into four general associations according to similar characteristics. The Ravenna-Frenchtown association is the most extensive in the county, making up about 57 percent of the total landscape. It is a somewhat poorly drained to poorly drained soil. Its character leads to a high water table and restricted permeability which can limit its use. Next, is the Chenango-Braceville-Halsey association, which is well drained to poorly well drained. Its limitations include seasonal high water table, slowly or highly permeable, and drought. This association makes up approximately 20 percent of the county‚Äôs soils. Third, is the Canfield-Ravenna association. It consists of moderately well drained and somewhat poorly drained soils. Its limitations include a slowly permeable subsoil and a seasonal high water table. This association covers nearly 17 percent of the county. Finally, is the Wayland, coarse variant-Papakating-Red Hook association which is very poorly drained to moderately well drained soils underlain by alluvium. Slow permeability, seasonal wetness, and likelihood of flooding are major limitations of these soils.


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